Trademark Poker Poker Chip Set
This set includes 4 colors for different value holders, 2 standard size decks of cards, and poker buttons for the ultimate Texas Hold’em game.
Turn your living room into a Las Vegas vacation with the realistic feel of a single-deck blackjack table.
These poker chips use a clever pattern detailing of alternating dice and stripes around the edge.
DoubleFan Texas Holdem Poker Chips Set
Each chip is produced from a composite resin with heavy insert to gives perfect the feeling of casino-quality poker chips.
Every chip is about 11.5 gram weight and 3.9cm (1.54 in) diameter.
This set includes a heavy duty but lightweight aluminum case easy to carry.
GLD Products Fat Cat Texas Holdem Poker Chips Set
Poker chip set housed in a silver aluminum case
Includes 500 11.5-gram Claytec striped dice poker chips
150 white and 100 blue chips; 150 red chips; 50 green and 50 black chips

Best poker sets

Every now and then, adults like to gather around a table for a few games of poker. The game is fun, you can make some money out of it, and with a few cigars and a bottle of whiskey, you can have a lot of fun. You will surely enjoy your time. While the cigars and the whiskey are not absolutely necessary, a poker set is. It will make the game more enjoyable.

A poker set is a collection of playing cards, chips, and other accessories that are generally used in poker. If a few years back a deck of cards was enough, poker sets have gained some popularity in the recent years. It is not surprising since it gives the game a new look and new feel. Since you have landed on this page, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

What should a poker set contain?

There are multiple types of pokers sets, but I do not think you are interested in the professional kinds. They are expensive and not destined to amateurs like most of us. Even so, a poker set needs to be complete even for us mere mortals. That is why a basic poker set should contain the following:

  • Two decks of cards – this is pretty much self –explanatory, although some people may argue that everyone has playing cards and the chips are the ones that are missing. By that logic, everyone has money and does not need chips, so I suppose you see my point. There is a reason why poker chips come with two decks of cards, and it is not for us to questions.
  • Chips – a poker set is not a poker set without the chips. They are the primary reason why most people buy the entire set. The chips and the aluminum case. However, not all sets have the same number of chips. There are set that have up to 500, but the choice is yours at the end of the day. You know how many players usually gather at your table.
  • Dealer badge – while it is not necessary, it definitely makes things more interesting.
  • Big blind and little blind buttons – the same as the dealer badge, you do not need them, but it is nice to have them.

The benefits of having a poker set

While a poker set does not change the game in any way, it sure makes things more interesting. After all, it is not that expensive, and who knows? Maybe it will bear you some luck. There are not many benefits to owning a poker set, but the existent one makes the game more appealing.

  • The game is more authentic – poker was meant to be played with chips. While you can do it without, some chips bring some authenticity to your table. You get to have the dealer’s badge and hear the click that the chips make when they come together. If you are a poker enthusiast, then you know what I am talking about.
  • The game is more organized – it is one thing to see a big pile of cash on the table, and it is another to see the chips. Maybe it is my own fixation, but I love it. Money does not even have to be involved at first. Which reminds me of the fact that it is a lot easier to play a game of poker without money but with chips. It is a small settlement. You do not earn or lose, but at least you get to keep score.

If you can find other benefits, the feel free to add to the list. My opinion is that you do not need a list of benefits to convince you to buy a poker set. You either want it or not. Either way, my list will not make a difference in your mind.

What to consider before buying a poker set

There are not many things you need to take into account when you buy a poker set. However, buying a random product is not a smart choice either. After all, it may not be expensive, but you do not want to waste your money either. Take a look at the set you want to buy, read the specifications, and only then you can make an informed decision. Also, consider the next following factors:

  • The number of chips – depending on the product, a poker set can contain up to 500 chips. What you need to consider here is the number of players that usually play at your table. You want everyone to have enough chips, and you want them all to enjoy variety in their chips. While a handful of people can manage with 300 chips, my recommendation is to go straight to the 500. Why? Because it is better to have plenty to spare than not enough. And to be honest, the price difference is not that significant. You do not have much to lose if you go for a poker set with a large number of chips.
  • The quality of the chips – it seems that the entire set revolves around the chips, but truth be told, they are the most important. As I said above, they are the most common reason why people buy the poker sets to begin with. Leaving that aside, you want a poker set that comes with high-quality chips. The plastic needs to be durable enough. You do not want them to crack or dent at the first fall on the floor, do you? Plus, the chips, along with the cards, are the most abused parts, so you need them to be well constructed. With that in mind, pay attention to the quality of the chips. You cannot possibly tell just by looking at them online, but you can read some reviews if you are interested in a particular product. The people who have already bought the set are qualified to tell you everything you need to know about it.
  • The case – I find it terribly wrong to sell a poker set without a carrying case. I can only imagine a lousy bag into which you put all the pieces of the set together. Not that it bothers some people so much, but there is a particular charm that a poker set has if it arrives in a carrying case. Plus, the case needs to made from a sturdy material, preferably made of metal. Aluminum cases look elegant, which is why they are my favorites. But you can choose whichever metal you want. As long as it holds all the parts together and protects them from dust, you should be okay.


What are the best poker sets?

Now that you learned how to select the best poker set, you can move on and actually make a purchase. Just remember to always read about the product you want. Reading some poker sets reviews online just to get an idea of what is good and what is not is also an excellent plan. But if you do not feel like doing any of that, you can simply choose one of the models presented below. Surely one will be to your liking.

Trademark Poker Poker Chip Set

Click here to buy it on Amazon

The first poker set that caught my eye was the one from Trademark Poker. It definitely looks like something I would buy. It is a high-quality poker set that I am sure you and your poker buddies will enjoy. It is a complete set that includes 4 colors for different value holders. The set also contains 2 standard-sized decks of cards and the poker buttons for Texas Hold’em. Your poker will look authentic, just like in Las Vegas.

This set allows you to play multiple games. You can play the single-deck blackjack if you want. This set is ideal if you’re going to play with your friends, if you want to throw a Casino Royale theme party, and you can even give it as a gift. There are 500 chips in the set, and they are made with a clever pattern. The details alternate dice and stripes around the edge. The manufacturer used composite resin for durable construction, and their weight makes them feel authentic.

All the parts of this set arrive in a beautiful carrying case made of aluminum. You can use it for storage, but you can also transport the set easily. Chances for you to lose pieces are slim to none. The inside tray is covered in a velvety black velour fabric that resists dust so that the parts inside remain intact. I am sure you are going to love this set if you decide to buy it.

DoubleFan Texas Holdem Poker Chips Set

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As opposed to the previous poker set, this one is destined for Texas Holdem. Even so, it is still an excellent product that will make you feel like you are in Vegas. The chips look fantastic. The manufacturer gave them a perfect design. Each chip is made from composite resin and has a heavy insert to make them feel authentic. They come in 5 colors, and there are 300 of them. It should be enough for you and a few of your friends.

Just like the previous product, this set comes in an aluminum case as well. The case is heavy-duty but lightweight, and the interior is lined with black velour to protect the parts of the set. You can easily organize the chips, and you can keep them protected from the outside world. Plus, you will not lose a single one if you keep them organized.

While you can use this product to organize a poker night every week, you can also give it as a gift. It is terrific for a poker enthusiast. It may not have as many pieces as the previous product, but I am sure you are going to like it nonetheless.

GLD Products Fat Cat Texas Holdem Poker Chips Set

Click here to buy it on Amazon

The last product on my list of best poker sets is the Fat Cat by GLD Products. It is a 500-chip poker set that can make your poker nights more exciting. It contains two decks of cards, 500 chips, a dealer’s badge, bid and little blind buttons, and a very fancy aluminum case.

The chips are very well constructed from a composite resin, and the weight of 11.5 grams each makes them feel authentic in your hands. Even the sound is authentic. You have 150 white chips, 100 blue chips, 150 red chips, 50 green, and 50 black chips. Every single piece od the Fat Cat poker set is housed in a high-quality aluminum carrying case.

This product is not very different from the first one I mentioned, and the price is pretty much the same. You will have a tough choice to make if it comes to these two at the end when you need to make a decision. Even so, this one is a fantastic product as well.

My recommendation

All three products contain high-quality chips, but if I were you, I would go with the Trademark Poker Poker Chip Set. It has enough chips, the components are all of high-quality, and you can play multiple games with a single product. I think it is one of the best poker sets you can purchase in this price range.


If you are looking for something to make your poker night more authentic and more appealing, a poker set should do the trick. It brings some of the charm you can find in Vegas, and I am sure that no matter which product you select, you will be more than happy with your decision. Click here to buy on Amazon

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